On-demand legal operations training

Get off the back foot

Around the world, in-house legal teams grapple with growing workloads, short turnaround times and limited resources. These legal teams often work unnecessarily long hours and face challenges working with clients to achieve common goals. This adversely affects both commercial outcomes and personal well-being.

That’s why we’ve created Front Foot Academy – a pioneering, on-demand training programme designed to help in-house legal teams work smarter within their available resources, so they can get their work and career on the front foot.

what is front foot academy?

On-demand training and support for in-house lawyers and legal operations professionals

Decades of experience working with in-house legal teams distilled into self-paced training modules supported by an online community and live sessions with industry experts.

Practical and accessible, these modules include downloadable resources to help you apply these essential skills to work smarter, achieve better client outcomes and advance your career.

Each module looks at a key area of in-house legal practice and answers four questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why is it important to in-house legal teams?
  3. How do you actually do it?
  4. What are the key things to be aware of?
Sample a module for free

What is Front Foot Academy and
how will it help me and my clients?


Flexible and accessible

We offer four options to boost your skills, providing flexibility to get your preferred level of support. You don’t need to use up leave and obtain approval for expensive travel, accommodation and training fees to access market-leading expertise.

Enterprise pricing?


Step Up

  • Access to all 10 Academy modules
  • 10 downloadble ‘cheat sheets’
  • Access to 6 live online Q&A sessions
  • Online community access to connect with peers and specialised subject forums
  • Certification for completing entire Academy course

Payment Plan available

Run Ahead

Includes everything in the ‘StepUp’ offering plus:

  • 5 x 1 hour legal operations group coaching sessions

Best for those wanting extra help to level up their legal operations expertise

Payment Plan available

Sprint Forward

Includes everything in the ‘StepUp’ offering plus:

  • 5 x 1 hour, 1-on-1 legal operations coaching sessions

Best for those wanting personalised support with legal operations goals

Payment Plan available


In-house legal teams face problems that private practice lawyers never see

We start by identifying these common challenges and how to overcome them quickly. This practical and actionable advice stems from years of experience in the trenches.

In-house is different
From constant commercial pressure to internal communication and stakeholder management hurdles, in-house lawyers have specific workflow challenges that are very different from private practice.

A personalised approach
We guide you through a tailored process of identifying and prioritising challenges most relevant to you. We then explore ways to release the pressure valve and achieve practical improvements while also managing the BAU work that has to get done.


We’ll help you implement targeted, step-by-step measures which deliver instant results

Follow step-by-step, tailored instructions to implement functional changes and obtain tangible benefits – immediately. Eliminate unnecessary drains on your time, finances and energy – without getting bogged down in theory, buzzwords or technology sales pitches.

Access self-paced training modules that can be put into action at any time and adjusted to your needs and priorities – regardless of the size of your organisation and resources.


The Front Foot team and our community of in-house lawyers and legal operations professionals are with you at every step

Downloadable and on-demand video modules and cheat sheets are available to you.  Enjoy a wealth of resources that can be returned to time and time again.

The academy is not a one-off seminar. With multiple support options, including 1-on-1 support, individual and group coaching, and online opportunities to connect with peers and subject matter experts, you’re never alone.


“What a great resource, wish I’d had it when I started in-house!”


“I thought the video quality and presentation was excellent and really sophisticated and I also really liked the two-sided perspectives, being both that of the internal business client and the in-house legal team. This is really well personalised and also very slick in the presentation.  I think it will have a lot of take up amongst the in-house community”

Matthew Hocking,
Victorian Government Solicitor

“I was really impressed.  Some great content and I got a lot of out of it”

Ainslie Lynch,
Chief Legal Counsel and Company Secretary,

“It identified and articulated the challenges in-house teams face in simple and easy to understand ways. It suggested useful and simple tools to address the issues. I thought it was great and really useful”

Clementine Smith,
GM Legal & Portfolio Program,
Shell Energy

“Clear articulation of the issues. The cheat sheet to sum up the modules was also very useful”

Adrian Goss,
Bauer Media Audio & Publishing UK

“A fantastic resource full of practical tips. Excellent quality of recording and layout/format. Very easy to navigate the platform. Love the cheat sheet! Pace of the modules and speaking is great. Also, the length of each module part was very good and easy to digest and pause and come back to it later”

Sylvia Hands,
GC & Board Member,
Association of Corporate Counsel (Vic)

“Really good. Logical presentation & easy to follow”

Matthew Gardner,
Senior Legal Counsel,
Technology, ASX

“Clear identification of the issues involved and practical solutions offered. Good communication of core issues and explanation of solutions’

James Rodda,
Lawyer (IP, Tech and Regulatory),
Thomson Geer

“The content was very engaging and practical. I also liked that the videos were short and straight to the point. The cheat sheet was great. I found it really interesting and useful”

Christine Zhong,
Paralegal & Advisory Board Member,
Centre for Legal Innovation