23 May 2024

Interim Lawyer – taste tester or the perfect career path.

Everything’s changing in the legal world — industries, priorities, attitudes and motivations.

An interim contract can be a great way to discover what you enjoy doing and stretch your strengths. You can develop experience, expand networks, upskill and explore new career options.

Working as an interim lawyer, you’ll often accumulate knowledge and expertise faster than remaining in one workplace. It’s an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and find a career that excites you.

Becoming an interim lawyer is not just about filling gaps or taking short-term assignments. It’s a deliberate career choice with substantial potential to advance your legal career.

Here’s why an interim contract should be on your radar and how it can open up a world of opportunities for you:

Diversify your expertise: An interim contract offers a big benefit. It gives you the chance to work on a range of legal matters in different industries. This diversity not only keeps your work engaging but also broadens your skill set. You may be handling contract reviews for a tech startup. Or, you may be giving legal advice to a national education provider. Each task enriches your experience and shows your adaptability as a lawyer.

Expand your network: Interim contracting exposes you to new clients, colleagues, and legal professionals. Each project is a chance to meet new people. It’s a chance to grow your professional circle. These connections can lead to future job opportunities, collaborations, or mentor relationships.

Work set hours: You might want a permanent job or to add some stability to your own consultancy. Working set hours will be very helpful for either goal.

Enjoy flexibility: One of the primary attractions is the flexibility it offers. You have autonomy over your schedule, the projects you undertake, and how you operate. This flexibility lets you pursue niche legal interests. You can explore different practice areas and keep a healthy work-life balance. Many candidates transition into permanent roles after an interim contract. They do so with improved time management and self-discipline.

Get off the corporate ladder: Set yourself free from the politics and other challenges associated with full time work.

In short, interim lawyering is not just a stopgap measure. It’s a strategic career choice. It can speed up your path in the legal industry. Diversify your experience. Expand your network. Develop business acumen. Enjoy flexibility and independence. Show your value. Stay current. Doing these things makes you a standout to both employers and clients.

If you’d like to talk about life as an interim lawyer, and exciting new opportunities get in touch.