We make in-house legal teams more effective

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We help in-house legal teams overcome challenges with:

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Legal operations training


Legal operations advice and support

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Effective solutions for in-house legal teams

Behind every successful in-house legal team are three core ingredients – experienced professionals, effective strategy and smart ways of working.

Our extensive in-house experience brings this unique mix of services to the in-house legal community.

In-house Legal Secondments

Front Foot Law works with experienced in-house legal professionals who want to access the benefits of short-term contracting and long-term professional support.

Discover supported autonomy

Sidestep the constraints of traditional employment contracts and the struggle of going it alone – access support without sacrificing your independence.

Know your worth

Take advantage of high-quality in-house opportunities and be rewarded for everything you do, giving you the freedom to enjoy life outside work more.

Grow your career

Access specialist career guidance and market-leading legal operations training.

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On-Demand Legal Operations Education

Front Foot Academy is a pioneering on-demand, legal operations education offering. Our industry experts help in-house teams optimise their legal operations to get them working smarter – not harder.

Identify the challenges

Understand the issues affecting your in-house team’s performance and identify measures to overcome them – saving valuable energy, cost, and time.

Regain control

Access self-paced education modules to help you make practical changes immediately, regardless of your team’s size or resources.

Stay the course

With live group and individual coaching, online community support sessions, and downloadable cheat sheets, we are with you – every step of the way.

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Bespoke Legal Operations Consulting

Sometimes, a fresh perspective makes all the difference. We work directly with in-house legal teams to help them identify and resolve critical areas of improvement in their operations, including the following areas:

  • Legal strategy

  • Legal process optimisation

  • Contracting improvements

  • Legal knowledge management

  • Technology selection and implementation

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“Front Foot has helped us with legal strategic planning, process improvement and user-friendly guidance materials. What we loved most was their deep understanding of the challenges facing in-house legal teams.

This helped us navigate some complex issues in a pragmatic and highly efficient way which has delivered measurable benefits for our legal team and clients. I can’t recommend Front Foot highly enough.”

Clementine Smith,
GC, Powershop