24 April 2024

Navigating the ethical terrain of GenAI in legal practice.

In March, David spoke to Sarah Gaidzkar, Horace Wu, and Jeannie Paterson. They talked about the rise of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and the challenges and opportunities this presents for in-house lawyers.

Here’s a breakdown of key insights:

Feed smart, think smart

  • When it comes to GenAI, what you feed it matters. Human judgment is essential to strike the right balance.
  • While GenAI’s process remains opaque, maintaining human oversight ensures correctness and accountability.

Balance and bias

  • Biases, including discriminatory ones, can impact legal outcomes. Oversight is crucial for mitigation.
  • Guiding principles, like those from the Australian Government, address ethical considerations and confidentiality.

Transparency: Understanding algorithms

  • Transparency in GenAI operations is essential for accountability and trust.
  • Track performance and audit performance in the actual use case it’s applied to. This ensures GenAI stays a helpful tool, not a human expert replacement.

Technology continues to shape the legal landscape. By navigating ethics, lawyers can use GenAI to streamline their work. This will help deliver better outcomes to clients.

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